The users of shared vehicles and entrepreneurs in Barcelona have received with astonishment the news of the recent assignation of motorcycle licenses in the city. 6,958 will be granted to be distributed equally among 21 operators, which translates into 331 motorcycles per company.

This will cause excessive fragmentation of the motosharing sector and the most important thing is that it will directly affect the users, who will lose the possibility of finding a scooter always nearby, and will be forced to download more than 20 apps to continue having access to this model of transportation.

he measure, in addition, will force the removal of thousands of scooters from the street that have offered the citizens of Barcelona a useful and necessary service, and a real alternative of sustainable mobility for the past 4 years. We are talking about companies that took a chance to offer a unique, pioneering service in this city, and that have worked hard to grow, create more jobs, reach more neighborhoods, help reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality. These companies have proven that they are a real complement to public transport and have helped to improve the access in those areas where transport is more limited.

It is bad news for citizens and for all those entrepreneurs who are taking the chance to create new companies in Barcelona.

We want to think that there is still a possibility to correct this situation. We want a modern city that is committed to talent and entrepreneurship. We also want a clean, sustainable and, above all, a Smart Barcelona. And we can achieve this through a well-regulated motosharing sector, with sufficient licenses to ensure the viability of companies, and a good service for users, in addition to a logical number of operators, who do not oversaturate the city, nor confuse the user.